Instaclock is a beautiful and clean clock* screensaver for MacOS. Once activated it displays an instagram containing the image of a clock reading the current time within a 5 min range. 

*I really want to call it a 'timepiece' but it just feels too pretentious. 



A while back I had what I thought was a really simple idea; to write a little app that would search instagram for photos containing clocks and display the right one at the right time. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I originally thought but this basically does what I set out to do. 

Quite early on I realised that to find a good photo for every minute of the day was going to be quite tricky to source so instead simplified to looking for one photo for every five minutes of a 12 hour clock cycle (144 images). Each five minutes a new image is displayed that has a clock in it showing the time within a five min radius. This is accurate enough for most timekeeping, especially in Malaysia!

I love playing with ideas of repeated symbols and the idea of using available space within our normal lives. This is the end result. 

Update 6th October 2018: Fixed RSS feed in version 2.0

How To Install

Download and drag ‘Instaclock 2.0.qtz’ onto ‘Screen Savers Alias’ folder* (You will need to authorise the move). Then set as the screen saver under: system preferences > desktop and screensaver > Instaclock

*If the short cut doesn’t work the folder is located in: Macintosh HD / Library / Screen Savers



Find words that begin as others end. 

Enter your favourite word and Computerus will find every word that begins with the last 4,3, or 2, letters of your word and combine them into a new word. 

The technical term is a a portmanteau, a linguistic blend of words, its like packing two things into one suitcase. Lewis Carroll is the first to use “portmanteau” in this way and has Humpty Dumpty explaining the practice of combining words in various ways by telling Alice:

"You see it's like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word."

Words taken from a dictionary of the 58,000 most used words in the english language. 

MAKE 4 = 4 letter crossover
MAKE 3 = 3 letter crossover
MAKE 2 = 2 letter crossover

Based on Flowerewolf a osx widget by Tom De Smedt

Some of my favourite new words so far...


How to video...

  1. Write a word (minimum 4 letters long) into the top box 

  2. Press GO 

  3. Wait for the list to be generated before pressing the next GO

  4. Press MAKE under each dial

  5. See the combined word in the bottom output. 

  6. Share your favourite with #COMPUTERUS


By default MacOS prohibits applications not downloaded from the App store from opening, to allow Computerus to open go System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Select 'Allow Apps from anywhere'.

Occasional glitches generate incorrect crossovers (usually with 'aardvark' or 'aardwolf' to filter out press GO again. 


So for the last year myself and three friends have been working on an iPhone game called Baboom. We just released it on the app store and now busy promoting and marketing it, you can see the press release hereIts been a fun project, the teams been all over the world so we made great use of a free platform for team communication that kept all our resources and communications in one place. Its been out about a month and we've had 4,175 games played and the high score is 1447 and I am lagging way behind... 

Save the villagers from the greedy Baboom! Prepare to enter into to a chaotic, action-packed arcade frenzy where the only thing that stands between the villagers and certain death is you. Included is our unique challenge system that instantly puts you up against your friends, to see who can gain the title as the king of Baboom. No time to waste, those villagers need your help!

What do you call a monkey who throws bombs?

Baboom is an chaotic, action packed, arcade tapping game rewarding speed and accuracy where the only thing that stands between the villagers and certain death is you! Save them from the greedy Baboom and compete against your friends via our unique challenge system to see who can gain the title of king of Baboom. No time to waste, those villagers need your help!

So a while back a kid came up to one of our team and asked: ‘What do you call a monkey that throws bombs?... A BABOOM!’ And that was pretty much all we needed; a year later we had Baboom.

Baboom centres its gameplay around our unique custom-made challenge system. Rather than opting to use Game Center we decide to create our own challenge and matching system that allowed us to continually match players against more opponents throughout their game. Usually you only get matched against one opponent at the start of your game. But in Baboom once you beat an opponent we will match you with another tougher opponent straight away in-game. It weights your friends higher than other players so where possible you will be matched against your friends keeping competition core.

Baboom is the product of Lucky Punk Studios, a four man team based around the UK and Malaysia. Baboom is the first game in our Baboom series. Working against distance and time difference, with the team split across the globe, we used 'Slack' to collaborate and make Baboom a reality.

Baboom is freely available to download exclusively from the app store.

Download: Baboom!


Malaysia: +60 12345 8153

UK: +44 7450 912008


Design Elements:

Gameplay Footage:

Prototype Footage: