My Most Important Achievement

You know that moment where you are torn between trying to write down the exact words someone is saying and absorbing everything that is said?

Tonight I attended the 90th Birthday concert of composer Ray Steadman Allen who over the course of his career has composed and had published over 2000 compositions, gaining a global influence for his technically brilliant writing and acclaimed music.

When asked what his most important achievement was he replied: "Being part of telling people that Jesus died for their sins and that he has risen again. That is the most important thing and it has been a great privilege to play my role."

My phone died half way through writing down the next bit but he went on to say that the highest calling is not to be a composer, although the music had been important, but the highest calling was to be a child of God.

I really want to know this, in a way that effects everything that I am. To run with the gifts God has given me, doing my best, whilst knowing that whatever happens I will always be his Son.

That would be a good use of 90 years, a great achievement.