Good Friday 2016

Our Easter Series for 2016 was titled 'The Way to the Cross' and for the Good Friday service we preached and had dramatic readings focusing on the perspectives of the cross. Mary the Mother of Jesus looking up at her son, the Centurion and the Thief, and finally Jesus as he looks at us from the cross. 

For set and as a visualisation we  had cut out of black steal silhouettes of each of the Characters. Jesus was cut out of white steal and nailed to our existing cross. The response of the service was to come and place your inked thumbprint on Jesus representing putting your identity in him (One great advantage of being in Malaysia is steel and laser steal cutting is pretty cheep!).

To accentuate the lighting of the silhouettes we used a smoke machine but this had to be coordinated with the air con being switched off else all the smoke collected in the drum box rendering the drummer lost in a fog. 

Thanks to Monty for finding the laser steel cutter, and to Abi for sorting the smoke machine, and to Adrian running back and forth between the smoke machine and aircon.