Find words that begin as others end. 

Enter your favourite word and Computerus will find every word that begins with the last 4,3, or 2, letters of your word and combine them into a new word. 

The technical term is a a portmanteau, a linguistic blend of words, its like packing two things into one suitcase. Lewis Carroll is the first to use “portmanteau” in this way and has Humpty Dumpty explaining the practice of combining words in various ways by telling Alice:

"You see it's like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word."

Words taken from a dictionary of the 58,000 most used words in the english language. 

MAKE 4 = 4 letter crossover
MAKE 3 = 3 letter crossover
MAKE 2 = 2 letter crossover

Based on Flowerewolf a osx widget by Tom De Smedt

Some of my favourite new words so far...


How to video...

  1. Write a word (minimum 4 letters long) into the top box 

  2. Press GO 

  3. Wait for the list to be generated before pressing the next GO

  4. Press MAKE under each dial

  5. See the combined word in the bottom output. 

  6. Share your favourite with #COMPUTERUS


By default MacOS prohibits applications not downloaded from the App store from opening, to allow Computerus to open go System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Select 'Allow Apps from anywhere'.

Occasional glitches generate incorrect crossovers (usually with 'aardvark' or 'aardwolf' to filter out press GO again.