Kingdom Come: Promise Cannon

Kingdom Come is our quarterly prayer gathering at HTBB Church. Each time we include a creative and active element within the service. 

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ.

This Kingdom Come was on Easter Sunday and the question for the evening was: 'What difference does the resurrection make to the way we pray?" Looking at 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 we focused on the promises of God and the need to take hold of them in prayer on behalf of others.

Give your best prayers away.

As a physical symbol of what we were encouraging people to do in prayer we fired large confetti strips each with a promise of God printed on them out of three makeshift cannons above the gathering. People had to catch the promises whilst they were in the air, a sign of what we do in prayer with God's promises. We then encouraged people to take these strips home and stick them up and use to pray in the week following. 

We borrowed a floor dryer from the gym next door which blew air into three pipes attached with paper and gaffer tape. We cut slot holes in the base of each pipe through which to push the large confetti strips. 

For the confetti we printed this template out on A4 and cut them up, we kept them in ordered bundles of around 10-20 to slot in in one go. 

And here was our setup in the balcony:

Here it is in action: 

And it's always great to get feedback:

Yes & amen #christian #easter ##NGAM

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An hidden elastic action to propel polystyrene balls out of a coffee bean box. They go everywhere! (And still leaves space for the coffee...)

You will need...


How it works...


We had to add a plastic strip to reinforce the butterfly pins inane hold them in place. 


A cardboard panel to push the polystyrene balls out.


Tightly bound string to hold everything in place until it's opened! 

The Result...

🎶 "Do you want to build a BETTER Snow Machine?!"

So... we got the snow machine out of storage ready to summon winter to our tropical Christmas but the motors had siezed up. We went shopping but failed to find any suitable replacements but before we left we noticed that a fan blowing across one of the holes on the snow drum was creating a pretty similar effect to what we were trying to do anyway. 

Once in the shop we thought I wonder if we could do this a lot simpler, and so bought a RM 20 (£4) fan and stuck a load of the snow in a box crate with holes in the side. This was just as, if not more effective than our massive contraction we had laboured over last yer. 

We added some slight modifications (see below), extra fans to direct the snow and a paper flap to limit the amount of snow blowing but it is remarkable simpler than before and works even better.

Key takeaway: 

"In the design world, when people look at what you've made and say 'how on earth did it take you that long to come up with that?!' you know you've made something great because its simple." - Monty

Example Videos: 


Instaclock is a beautiful and clean clock* screensaver for MacOS. Once activated it displays an instagram containing the image of a clock reading the current time within a 5 min range. 

*I really want to call it a 'timepiece' but it just feels too pretentious. 



A while back I had what I thought was a really simple idea; to write a little app that would search instagram for photos containing clocks and display the right one at the right time. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I originally thought but this basically does what I set out to do. 

Quite early on I realised that to find a good photo for every minute of the day was going to be quite tricky to source so instead simplified to looking for one photo for every five minutes of a 12 hour clock cycle (144 images). Each five minutes a new image is displayed that has a clock in it showing the time within a five min radius. This is accurate enough for most timekeeping, especially in Malaysia!

I love playing with ideas of repeated symbols and the idea of using available space within our normal lives. This is the end result. 

Update 6th October 2018: Fixed RSS feed in version 2.0

How To Install

Download and drag ‘Instaclock 2.0.qtz’ onto ‘Screen Savers Alias’ folder* (You will need to authorise the move). Then set as the screen saver under: system preferences > desktop and screensaver > Instaclock

*If the short cut doesn’t work the folder is located in: Macintosh HD / Library / Screen Savers


Kingdom Come: Balloons

Kingdom Come is our quarterly prayer gathering at HTBB Church. Each time we try and include a new creative and active element within the service. This time the team came up with the idea of everyone being given a balloon and a cardboard triangle to attach to it. Firstly the balloons, which were of three colours, were used to divide the room up into different teams to pray for different things. 

Then towards the end each person wrote the first name of one friend that they wanted to invite to Alpha. We then had lots of fun throwing these around meaning we each ended up with a new person to pray for for the coming run of Alpha. 

Good Friday 2016

Our Easter Series for 2016 was titled 'The Way to the Cross' and for the Good Friday service we preached and had dramatic readings focusing on the perspectives of the cross. Mary the Mother of Jesus looking up at her son, the Centurion and the Thief, and finally Jesus as he looks at us from the cross. 

For set and as a visualisation we  had cut out of black steal silhouettes of each of the Characters. Jesus was cut out of white steal and nailed to our existing cross. The response of the service was to come and place your inked thumbprint on Jesus representing putting your identity in him (One great advantage of being in Malaysia is steel and laser steal cutting is pretty cheep!).

To accentuate the lighting of the silhouettes we used a smoke machine but this had to be coordinated with the air con being switched off else all the smoke collected in the drum box rendering the drummer lost in a fog. 

Thanks to Monty for finding the laser steel cutter, and to Abi for sorting the smoke machine, and to Adrian running back and forth between the smoke machine and aircon. 


Christmas Family Drama: Follow the Star

This year's Christmas family drama had some epic costumes designed by Mei Tan and team. The best of these was the Star, played by Elroy Ng. The highlight of the drama was when the Star and Wise Men arrived via Bukit Bintang on "live video link", see below (when it goes black is when they appeared live through the doors of church). 

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We were at the last rehearsal when we suddenly had the idea of the star and wise men walking though Bukit Bintang to arrive for the final scene. @CCSpits had done something similar the previous year as an advert for their services so we messaged them and robbed the idea. Here's their advert:



The birth of Jesus and the events surrounding it are some of the most powerful and life-changing stories in human history. To help us engage with both the story and its meaning, we have had broken it down into 12-second chunks and posted it out on Instagram day-by-day (like a virtual advent calendar) throughout December 2015 leading up to Christmas Day!

You can preview the videos below, find the full story on the #12SecondChristmas Hastag and see all the videos here.

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We asked Tan Boon Kit, an actor & director, who recently became a Christian to write the script for each video, he hadn’t heard much of the Christmas narrative and so he came with fresh eyes to the story. He said:

“The thing that most resonated with me whilst writing for #12SecondChristmas was that Jesus came from the most humble of origins, yet He came to save us then, now, and forever, for our sins,”

The two verses that really impacted him were:

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.
(John 1:11-12)

But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.
(Matthew 2:6)

The project also got picked up by Christianity Malaysia and the article on it can be read here.

Barry Goes to China

Our friends Anna & Luke whilst returning from a trip to China last year had a run in with the check in team who refused to let Luke on the plane with his guitar. What ensued was a story of comedy justice. We heard this story from Luke a few times upon his return so for his 30th Birthday retold the story via comic strip and had it printed and delivered to his home on a board. 

The workflow was: source photos, comic texture rendering them, photoshopping images together, compose each frame in Halftone 2 for iPhone.

Alpha Builder 1.0

In 2013 we started a project called Alpha Builder. The aim was to simplify the pipeline for people running Alpha in the UK. The aim was to both resource and educate the user at the same time. This is what we made:

"Alpha Builder allows you in 6 clicks to build a customisable Alpha fitted and shaped for your context." It started life as post-its on our wall:

Then moved to a sketch on my desk:

We then started on the design, look and feel but this had to be held very loosely since the rebrand of Alpha project was happening alongside at the same time. Version 1 was along these lines:

Version 2:

Some email and text designs:

The final version:

We have just started on version 2.0 due quarter three in 2014. This will behave similarly in functionality but have some fairly large concept changes. It will also be available internationally with customisable regional templates. Alpha Builder can be found here: