Arbitrarily Ever After...

"It's not that humans don't have rights, they do, it's that secular humanism is incoherent in articulating these rights and impotent in acting to defend them."     - Stephen Backhouse

I posted this quote on Facebook and got some interesting backlash from both sides.

Not to sure how much I agree with it, on the one had liberal freedom is founded on 'freedom-from' so does tend toward the individual having to arbitrate on moral issues but on the other it created a society which arbitrates amongst itself so the individual is not totally alone.

Saying that despite arbitrating together we do seem to be very lonely as a society and Stephen went on to suggest why:

"The freedom of secular humanism, its foundation of liberty and self determination, is a freedom from. Freedom from the restraints that hold us back; superstition, religion, aristocracy et al. So having cast them off the soul finds only one restraint left, itself. The only horizon for which to aim, itself."