Alpha Builder 1.0

In 2013 we started a project called Alpha Builder. The aim was to simplify the pipeline for people running Alpha in the UK. The aim was to both resource and educate the user at the same time. This is what we made:

"Alpha Builder allows you in 6 clicks to build a customisable Alpha fitted and shaped for your context." It started life as post-its on our wall:

Then moved to a sketch on my desk:

We then started on the design, look and feel but this had to be held very loosely since the rebrand of Alpha project was happening alongside at the same time. Version 1 was along these lines:

Version 2:

Some email and text designs:

The final version:

We have just started on version 2.0 due quarter three in 2014. This will behave similarly in functionality but have some fairly large concept changes. It will also be available internationally with customisable regional templates. Alpha Builder can be found here: